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For the One I Love: Chapter 2

..~For the One I Love~..
Chapter 2: The Orchid and the Calla Lily
It was dark. Too dark. It was such a huge contrast to the sunny, bright outside to come into this room. His eyes were having a hard time adjusting to it and he could barely see anything. For the first time in many years, he felt claustrophobic of this room, despite the fact that its size was anything but small.
And what was that noise? Ah, the warm breeze whispering
through the chimes hanging from the balcony ceiling; it was causing the relaxing rhythmic melodious ring to resonate throughout the room. He would have found it soothing was it not for the situation.
"Hinata." He called into the dark. He placed the tray of food he had been carrying down onto the desk closest to the door. There was no answer, but he didn't expect one either.
He searched blindly for the light switch on the wall, until he
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For the One I Love: Chapter 1

..~For the One I Love~..
Chapter 1: The Light that Shadows Us
"W-What I'm trying to say i-is… I-I'm sorry; I don't… I d-don't love you…"
Moments passed with a thick silence. And suddenly the breeze picked up. The new wind blowing her midnight blue her, and it swayed in the air, looking soft to the touch. The space around her seemed to glow, as it they weren't even on the street; as if the heavens themselves were casting a light down upon an angel.
But the glow made her face look even paler and the tears even brighter as they fell from her closed eyes. Her upper cheeks were a red hue, making her eyes look red. She looked like a fallen angel. Her goofy, fake smile didn't help. She truly looked like her whole world had fallen into millions of pieces before her. Yet, even through it all, she conti
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N + H: Another Day: Chapter 9
Previously- Hiashi finally tells Hinata the truth about her fate, and Hinata goes into a deep, depressing shock which stops her from going to school for 2 days. After Naruto notices her sudden disappearance, he decides to see what’s wrong, and what he finds shocks him.
Finally, Hinata caves in and decides to tell Naruto about it all… What will happen?
Without realizing, her entire world and come to depend on him. Solely on him, and it was the scariest feeling she had ever felt.
And now, sitting here, being embraced by him, felt heart-warming, but it hurt at the same time. Her heart was constricting in pain so rapidly, she felt as if it would burst. And she felt this heaviness on her shoulders; which weighed her down so much that she swore her stomach would magically move to her knees. Why was that? Was that because she would have no future at the end of the year; being given away, and locked up? Was she sad that she wouldn’t see
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Broken Whispers: Chapter 4
"Hey" : Speech
'Hey' : A thought or memory of speech.
=hey=: Kyuubi's Speech.
Broken Whispers
Chapter Five: The Dreams That Haunt Us.
"Fate is a funny thing" I said to the dark of night.
"Naruto!" She playfully whined, giggling.
He smirked, that beautiful sound were bells to his ears. He couldn't get enough of it. He couldn't get enough of her. He wanted all of her; her laughs, her smiles her whole body, mind and soul, all to himself. He knew that was selfish, but... wasn't that what love was? - Wanting and loving someone so much, you would do, literally, anything for them and anything to have them.
"Naruto!" She playfully whined again, trying to wiggle her way free from his own tortuous hands that playfully tickled and caressed her soft, pale skin. She tried to pry him off, and even fight back. But it was all in vain. Her super sensitive skin couldn't handle Naruto's own playful fingers. She shook and shook on the bed, attempting to break free, all the time, laughing joyfu
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 33 23
One Piece OC: Ellie Elemental by Heavy-d-Friki One Piece OC: Ellie Elemental :iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 2 0
Broken Whispers: Chapter 3
"Hey" : Speech
'Hey' : A thought or memory of speech.
=hey= : Kyuubi's Speech
Broken Whispers
Chapter Four: Revealing the Truth.
"Does the name Hinata Hyuga mean anything to you?"
I could see the shock in his eyes as I mentioned her name... the desperation, the love... it was so real, but yet... dead. It was hard to explain; pure emotion so raw and challenging, but it worried me. Did he feel the same way he had for her? He loved her, yes, but somehow, I knew he had changed, that he no longer felt the same in some way...
I knew what he meant to her. The countless times she would talk about him, as if he was a god sent from heaven. An angel. Her eyes would shine with love and admiration but there was a misty sadness in her eyes that came from being ripped from his side. And it was because of her love for him that I saved her. She was wicked without even knowing it; turning me, former master of destruction from the Village hidden in the Clouds, into what looked like a feeble, useles
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 21 29
Broken Whispers: Chapter 2
"Hey" : Speech
'Hey' : A thought or memory of speech.
=hey= : Kyuubi's Speech.
Broken Whispers
Chapter Two: The Year Anniversary.  
He woke up screaming and panting. His body was sweaty and his sheets clung to his exposed skin. He breathed heavily, his eyes closing painfully. His hand was resting on his knee, which supported his head. He occasionally combed his bright blond hair back with his broad, tough hands, but they would always return to supporting his head. He tried to remind himself that it was just a nightmare. But it wasn't; it was a memory, it all happened. His heart ached as it dawned on him that, yes. This was real. She was still dead; gone.
He just sat there for a while, panting and occasionally contracting in pain letting out a whimper at a memory which his brain would torture him with. He was letting the breeze which came from his window of the m
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 32 33
NaruHina: Don't look by Heavy-d-Friki NaruHina: Don't look :iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 34 15
Broken Whispers: Chapter 1
"Hey"- speech
'Hey'- A thought or memory of speech.
Broken Whispers
Chapter One: Cold Goodbyes.
There it was again; the lone, begging whisper. It held so much pain in its quivering sound that he almost broke down just by hearing it.
It called again. He had lost count of how many times she would call his name. Over and over, each whisper becoming louder, more painful for both parties. He could not stand to hear her beg, to hear the sound of her voice, pleading for him to help her get away from her pain.  But he could not help. And because of that, hearing her voice say his name, made it all the more painful for him.
'Naruto... please...'
That hit hard. His breath stopped for a second. He could not stand for this much longer; his heart was breaking, taking his sanity with it. Had he not suffered enough? Was this his was of torturing himself
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 53 34
N + H: Another Day- Chapter 8
Previously- Hiashi makes a grave mistake out of rage and ends up 'selling' Hinata to her grandfather, Hozin, who's intentions are unknown but it is thought she will be made a slave. 5 days pass and Hinata still doesn't know about Hiashi's deal with Hozin. All is going well at school and home so Hinata is in a good mood, however, Hiashi decides to tell Hinata the truth... what will happen?
----> HYUGA RESIDENCE, 6:30 A.M. ---- HANABI P.O.V. ----
We continued hugging for a while, and I basked in the warmth that I had been deprived of my entire life. This moment, these few minutes, were the best of my life. But I knew they would end. I felt father move away from the embrace and me and Hinata immediately payed attention.
"Hinata... I need to tell you something"
This was it. My sister would know the truth. This would break her, I just knew it. Hozin, my grandfather was a horrible person; he would work in the shadows and scheme his way to the top
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 36 32
N+H: Another Day- Chapter 7
---->Unknown location, 10:47 P.M. ---->
The dark room was concurred by an eerie atmosphere, almost suffocating. Two quiet silhouettes sat on the floor, staring at eachother, eyes debating. But no words were spoken. A table sepparating them in amoungst the dark of the night made the two's attires unrecognisable. But they were men; this much was evident in their height and build.
"She must" One of them spoke. His eyes narrowing threateningly at the man opposite. His voice was dark and demanding with a hint of killer tone. This did not go un-noticed by the other figure, but he did not budge or twitch or even show any emotion. He was a Hyuga afteral.
"No" He backfired simply. "She must stay. May I
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 17 26
The Goddess of Death- Chapter 4
Chapter 4: New beginings?
---General P.OV.---
A dark figure emerged from the mist. His cloak was black but long and heavy; even though there was a breeze, the cloak was unfased and stayed, resting on its owners body. It was clearly a leather cloak and reached the mans knees. His cloak was open, revealing his mesh shirt which revealed his tonned body and pale skin. He had dark, untamed, red hair which contrasted with his pale, pupiless gentle eyes. His eyes showed his life story; saddness and anger shone from his eyes, but a glimpse of happiness and hope could also be seen. His eyes were an untold beauty on their own, and thanks to the black make-up that surrounded his eyes, they stood out.
He walked slowly around the small open area, smelling the distict odour of rotten flesh and blood. He silently smirked. He loved the smell; he felt at home smelling the scent. He walked closer to where the scent grew stronger, feeling more and more peaceful the closer he got. He suddenly came to a ha
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 30 15
N+H: Another Day- Chapter 6
---------CHAPTER 6: MY GUARDIAN ANGEL--------
[]- re-cap
[ At this point everyone in the croud was laughing, even Karin friends. Hinata was still in shock, together with Karin.
'Payback?' she thought frowning in thought 'What payba--'. Tears were running down Hinatas cheecks 'It's for me' she thought happily...
"WHAT THE HELL!!!" Shouted a very pissed Karin.   
'Mission complete' thought Kiba, Naruto, Sasuke, Ino and Sakura simultaniously, smirking, happy with their handywork. ]
----> Continuation (11:30 P.M. SUIGETSU'S PARTY-- NARUTO P.O.V.) ---->
The prank was 100% success and all went perfectly. People were still laughing and discussing Karins appearance and their experience and views on the matter. Kiba's photos were already on Google, amoung other sites.
Karin had left the party after elistion had dawned on her, together
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 16 13
The Goddess of Death- Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Revelations
---Hinata's POV---
She felt numb, but she could feel the pain as well; the numbness was like a blanket against a winter night; it couldn't completely keep you warm. She also felt detached from her body; as if she could open her eyes, and easily see her own body just laying on the ground infront of her. Although the only problem with that, was that she just coudn't open her eyes; it was as if a force was forcefully keeping them closed and she felt too weak to fight back... The sensation of this gave her a mixture of emotions that fought against each other in a huge tormoil inside her head, amoung them were:
frustration, lonelyness, pain... it made her feel a magical sensation that she was floting, but the pain felt as if it was burning her existance, and it hurt! The whole thing was so troublesome she thought!
'Oh Kami-sama, I'm starting to sound like Shika-kun!' she thought to herself a bit surprised. Well at least the pills had worked, she quietly thought to her
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 23 12
N+H: Another Day- Chapter 5
[]- re-cap
[This time there was no mistake; someone was throwing pebbles to the window. She hesitated but she eventualy got up and made her way to her window. She opened te window and a large breeze erupted and blew her hair backwards. She opened her eyes and looked down to a dark figure in the garden.
"N-N-NARUTO-K-KUN?!" She almost shouted from surprise. She couldn't believe her eyes and gasped as she saw him wave back in confromation; that was Naruto...
'B-But what is he doing here?!' she asked herself in disbelief. ]
----> Continuation (Hyugas estate)----->
"Hinata! Finally..." he signed in relief, he dropped the remaining stones he had prepared to through at the window and looked up at Hinata. Hinata's bedroom was on the second floor, and the only way Naruto identified that that was indeed her room, was the colour of the curtains; lavender. There was also a bounquet of lavenders in a base placed next to the window, allow
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 19 13
The Goddess of Death- Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Emergency sittuation and unexpected help
She moved swiftly through the thick mist. It was dark; the night sky covered the horizon and the thick suffocating mist hid the full moon from view. As she moved her long dark hair, which was up in a high pony-tail, blew and moved acording to her movements. Her bangs covered her eyes and the thick mist made it almost impossible to see her face. Her black, long robe, torn at the edges hid her figure, and her pale face made her look dead in contrast to her dark attire. She carried a large scythe, which blade was black and sharp edges were silver. Its size was twise hers and handle was longer than she was tall.
The large scythe was decorated in silver and chains and leather lace fell, lightly wrapping itself on the handle of the scythe and flowing in the wind. The scythe was a a piece of art which was flawless and, by its appearance, well kept.
Said woman came to a stop. The cold night breeze blew, and the noises of the street echoed in
:iconheavy-d-friki:Heavy-d-Friki 21 10


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This is a lovely piece of art. There are lots of bright, cheerful colors and the character's emotions really come through. The vision o...


Many of you have been wondering where I have been for the last... year or so? (0_0) ...Basically my life has been chaotic -to say the least- and I'm so busy! Also, I've pretty much not had a computer for the last 6 months and have had to use the library so much that all the employees know my name... (-_-) but I have saved up, and bought myself an awesome computer *squeals* and I HOPE and PRAY that this coming year -2014- will not be nearly as busy, so hopefully I can actually update my stories more frequently...!

Alas, I have started writing now so that I can upload them later in the next few moths as I have exams soon, so I don't really want to be distracted. I have written (and just uploaded) For the one I love: Chapter 2. 
I know I had said that I would upload Broken Whispers Chapter 4, but really, I am having a bit of a problem on how exactly to finish the series- I want to really be able to plan it all before I write the next chapter as the end, really, is in sight (more or less). 
I will warn all my readers now however- PLEASE don't expect too many updates too often now I'm back, because although I have a computer now, and things are starting to become less busy, it's unlikely that I will be able to update too regularly for some time. I am truly sorry, but this is the best I can do for now! :/

Anyway, on to brighter news! +3,500 page views! :iconembarassedblushplz: Thank you guys so much for supporting me and just reading and commenting, it really does literally keep me coming back! <3

Anyway, as the Japanese would say: 'Gambatte kudasai!' (Work hard)
~Heavy D Friki <3


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hey, welcome. My name is Heavy D Friki, but you can just call me May.
I'm a pretty random person with lots of interests and too much time on my hands for the most part. I always aim to be kind and sincere even if all I want to do is rip people apart. jk
At the moment life is chaotic, but I seemingly am coping although maybe I'm not jet out of the woods...

I obviously love Anime/manga. But I also love drawing and writing (fanfics included) as hobbies. I would say I am good at both, but really that's down to personal preference!
I have a wide range of genres within anime which I love. Personally the best anime are always those ones which either get your adrenaline pumping or touch your heart emotionally... or just make you think of something; whether it be relationships or ethics.
So, anime such as Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Natsume Yuujinchou, Naruto (recently to a lesser extent), etc.
I mostly ship couples like NaruHina (occasionally SasuHina), EdWin, ShikaTema...

I also read books. At the moment I'm reading The Hunger Games. It's pretty good for now, and I'm definity loving Peeta. <3
(wow, I sound like a twelve year old girl, but I digress.) Peeta is lovely and actually so is Finnick and Annie (FinAn FTW!)

Anyway, welcome to my page and I hope you will have a look at some of my work and you like it! :)
~Heavy D Friki



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